Monday, 8 February 2010

What I'm currently reading (and proof that I'm in touch with my feminine side)

Ok, so the cover looks a little "Girly" I agree and I'll concede that I wouldn't have bought this off a shelf in a book shop for that very reason.
I'm glad to say however that I stumbled upon Maria's blog by chance and it was there that I discovered that Penguin had published her book. After following the link on her blog I read an excerpt (that word always looks and sounds wrong I think) and instantly purchased a copy on the strength of it.
It arrived Saturday and I read 16 chapters in one sitting, I also FAILED to attend a shooting competition on Sunday because I overslept after sitting up until way past the witching hour reading. I urge you to go check it out! The book (so far) is all things, humourous, sad, moving, emotionally charged and most of all incredibly well written. If you are female or male you will find it a great read. Incidentally guys, for reading in public you will find that a dust cover from a Jeremy Clarkson hardback will cover the "girly" outer up just fine and will also provide a perfect alibi for any outbursts of laughter that you may not be able to control.


  1. you are funny!! good for you for getting in touch with ALL sides of you!!:)

  2. That is great recommendation, coming from a guy and all.

    BTW Thanks for your comment to my blog about rules. I hadn't considered your take on them. Glad you pointed it out!

  3. Thank you for your advice , I don't know how i'm going to do this,

  4. Hmmm! How refreshing to find a man who is open to his feminine side. But you are clearly a proper bloke though .....given that you find Jeremy Clarkson funny!!
    Great blog!

  5. Debbie - You keep telling me that I'm funny! I feel like Krusty the Clown! I'm enjoying getting in touch with my feminine side! I'm struggling finding a pair of open toe heels in a size 9 though! :)

    Amy - trust me, it is a great book!

    Audrinna - Your welcome, Stop worrying how you are going to do it, break it down into steps. You'll be fine :)

    Selina - Thanks for dropping in. What can I say? I guess I have a tender side. I also dislike football so the Clarkson thing redeems me and puts me firmly in the "blokey" camp. :)

  6. UPDATE*******

    I've now finished reading the book, three words:-

    GO BUY IT!