Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Michael Jackson Autopsy, Dr charged with involuntary manslaughter

I was going to report on the Autopsy of Michael Jackson today however love him or hate him, after reading through the 50+ page publicly available Coroners report I felt that the last shred of dignity that the man had has now been taken from him. I understand that his Doctor has now been charged with involuntary manslaughter.
I realise that such an in depth autopsy was necessary as foul play was suspected however the level of detail disclosed in the report is, I feel, intrusive. 'll leave it to the tabloids to reveal the secrets that the autopsy uncovered about Jacko. I couldn't bring myself to publish it, he was after all a human being not just a media spectacle.

Personally, I wasn't a huge fan, I admired his work but also was puzzled by the way in which he managed to implicate himself in some bizarre and worrying situations.

Instead of publishing the coroners report which I feel is distasteful  I have found a link to full online auction catalogues of items from Neverland that were planned to be auctioned BEFORE his death. Some of the items are fantastic whilst others are vulgar. What is incredible however, truly incredible, is the amount of money this guy spent! Go and take a look:


  1. Hi Steve...I hope you are feeling better.
    I want to commend you on the integrity you displayed in this post.

    However Jacko chose to live his life, it was his life to lead. I have a feeling that he paid a huge price for his actions...I cannot imagine living a life as "exposed" as his.

    The bottom line, he was a person with feelings. I'm sure he felt more pain than most of us realize...hence his behavior!

    I was not a huge fan, but I've got to say, he had immense talent!


  2. great post!! I agree with you and your decision to leave the gossip to the tabloids! I am excited to see the items for sale..I am sure that will be interesting!!:)
    sending you well wishes!!

  3. Amazing how much he had, and yet he was so unhappy...

    Ps Steal away on quotes :). After all, I did!

  4. Hi Sharon, Hi Debbie -Felling much better now thank you both for your kind wishes!:)

    I'm glad you both agree that he deserves better than to be humiliated after his death.

    Amy - Thanks for the permission to loot from your blog! :)