Friday, 19 February 2010

Hoodie gangs - Someone is to blame

I called in at my local Waterfields shop this lunchtime and in front of me were two hooded teenagers. Clothed in the usual drab colours their "street soldja" image includes dark hooded top or coat or both, scruffy black tracksuit bottoms and dark coloured trainers or boots usually untied.

I was close enough to hear one of the creatures try to communicate "ow much are those like?" to which the lady serving replied, " They are £1.20 or 2 for £2.00" the creature then responded without making eye contact, "bangin' gis two den" . His street soldja comrades meanwhile were loitering outside communicating with each other at around 90db about the ample chest of a girl who had just passed by. After the creature had "bort his dinna" he joined the other pondlife and proceeded to generally be noisy, anti social and menacing to the "normal" people who were shopping. 

On the drive home I got to wondering how we can rid society from this gang culture that is now affecting every city, town and village in the UK. Look at the picture above, look familiar? Youths in drab clothing making stupid handgun gestures and generally being offensive and threatening to normal citizens.

I started first of all to think of the influences that these kids have. TV, music, movies and so on. I then discounted that as we all have influences. How many of you have watched the "Saw" movies? How many of you then have gone on to torture people beyond belief? exactly? So how about lack of opportunity? Ok I guess that is a problem. So why not bring back national service?

I'm serious, If a kid leaves school he should have 6 months to either secure further education, or employment. Failure to do either would result in National service. They would then be trained, shown some discipline and taught some respect for themselves and others! In return they would receive a training allowance. After 2 years they would have the choice to continue in the armed forces on full pay. 

Ok so that would deal with those of school leavers age but what about those who are still at school? Well this is where it gets simple. Who buys their clothes? who on Gods earth would allow their son to dress like the creatures in the above picture? Come on own up! I certainly wouldn't, My kids have worn some odd stuff over the years, In fact my son on nights out regularly wears Versace velvet jackets with multi coloured bowler hats! He lives in London and works in the city, He buys the clothes, he chooses to dress that way at weekend! When I was buying for him though there would simply be no way he would dress like a hoodie. 

I like hooded tops per se. As "sloggy" wear they are great, I own a few of them. I'll wear them on a Saturday maybe with combats and trainers. I own different colours, They are versatile. It's only when combined with all the other accessories such as black tracksuit bottoms with elasticated ankles, and black trainers etc, oh you know the script look at the photos above!

So, If you are one of those parents who allows their child to dress in such a way then do yourself, your child and the rest of society a favour, bin his clothes right now, even if he has to wear a dressing gown until the next pay day just get rid of them. In addition, if you see your son doing that stupid handgun gesture thing or talking like that Dizzy rascal bloke then 
1) Slap the little shit across the face, 
2) Ground him for a month, 
3) Remind him that he is not 50 Cent or Snoop Dog
4) Congratulate yourself for putting your foot down and accepting some parental responsibility.

Seriously and all joking apart, If your kid looks remotely like the ones in the top picture then aren't  you ashamed? If not then maybe you need to take a long hard look at yourself! This look just screams ASBO! which brings me onto another point. The parent of a child who receives an ASBO ( anti social behaviour order) should themselves be cautioned and warned that if it happens again then they shall have charges brought against them too. If an Employer can be held responsible for the actions of employees then I'm damn sure that parents should be held responsible for the actions of their child.

If you know someone who's child looks like this then PLEASE email this post to them. They need to be shamed.

Rant over! :)
PS If your child does look like this and this post has in anyway offended you, then GOOD! get a grip!


  1. aghh, tried to comment and it ate it!

    I live in Finland where there is still national service and you really don't see this sort of behaviour. Admittedly I live in a very small place but still there are kids/teens living here and they aren't out on the street upsetting people, being aggressive or covering the place in graffiti and making handgun signs at passers-by.

  2. well, my kids do not look like that:) BUT I agree completely with your post! parents check out sometimes..leaving kids to be raised by the schools and just hoping for the best!!!....happens in America too!

  3. Hi Heather, I would love to see our Government introduce it , genuinely I would. It would completely change the attitude of young people in the UK.

    Debbie- Parents who do that should be made accountable for their child's actions don't you think?

  4. Steve- Got your link on my Blog, I am going to check it out. Thanks for the thought. As for the post, I can tell you that I did Two years National Service in the States in a program called AmeriCorps*NCCC. I got paid room and board and a very small living stipend. Those were the most productive two years of my life and I still smile when I think about those days. I also spent 10years in the US Army which is a different service all together but service none the less. Both terms of service made me the person I am today but here is the rub. Both were voluntary, I chose to serve. When someone is pressed into service then the whole organization suffers from their lack of will. I would take 10 motivated soldiers who volunteer for a mission over 100 conscripted troops any day of the week. The problems in which you speak of are real and there is enough blame to go around but it begins at home.

  5. And scary to think that one day these kids will be running the system. One problem is like here in the states that kids have way to much free time on their hands when both parents are away at work. Lack of discipline and accountability.

  6. Great rant Steve! I agree with you 100%
    Love the part about "throwing the clothes in the bin" ...I've had my ups and downs with my kids, it's just a part of parenting, but thank goodness that even when my kids have chosen to check all caution to the wind and make my life a living hell, I have always been able to get through to them, sit down and talk and firmly remind them that I am the's "my way or the highway" as long as they are under my roof!
    Bottom line, kids and parents need to be held accountable for their actions!
    Most kids today have no idea what a "consequence" is! Stuff like this really gets my blood boiling!
    (stepping off soap-box now)

  7. The clothes do not bother me. It is the attitude that worries me. These boys look like boys in my area from prominent families who are nice kids. I am far more concerned about how someone is inside than what their clothes look like. But I live in a culture that is VERY accepting of alternative appearance.

  8. Rob - Your welcome! Yeah that's a fair point re volunteers/conscripts. I don't think it would harm though to show this misguided youth some discipline.

    Wooley - Welcome! I guess the problem is Global. Maybe we should look to other countries and cultures for answers. It's the Gov't admitting that there's a problem that is the first step and committing to solving the problem the second.

    MHL - Sharon - Glad to see you back! Yeah fair comments, Another plus for accountability, now get off my soap box! :)

    She Writes - Amy - I get your point Amy, Here in the UK the photo at the top shows the typical "uniform" of the nuisance youth gangs. It isn't so much alternative appearance as a trademark for trouble. I'm all for alternative appearance (read the bit about the sort of things my son wears)

    Thanks to all for joining in the discussion.