Thursday, 21 January 2010

We had joy we had fun...........

Today has been one of those perfect days. The sun was shining and there was a premature feel of Springtime in the air. 
My thoughts turned to Summertime and days spent doing whatever it is we do in Summer be it having BBQs, walking the dog, going out on the Motorbike or just lazing around the garden. Then I thought, that is it! That is the holy grail. The meaning of life! Surely? We enjoy the colours of Autumn (read Fall if stateside) endure Winter, enjoy the coming of Spring but we live for the Summer. So enjoying Summer is the meaning of life then? Time spent alone or with family, In our homeland or overseas, all time spent is more enjoyable when basking in the rays of our sun.

With this in mind could we live with perpetual sunshine? Do we need Winter just so we appreciate the Summer? Just as we need bitterness to appreciate sweetness? Would living in perpetual sunshine result in a happy and more content sense of being?

I may have mentioned that I have been wishing to move overseas. I haven't decided on a destination as yet. Southern France and Spain appeal although the language barrier could be an obstacle. That said there are more expats in Spain than anywhere else in the world. The USA appeals massively too although immigration is to stringent even for Brits. 

Why do I want to move, one reason really, I hate, no actually I'll rephrase that I HATE WINTER in the UK. I can't ride my bike, I can't wash or polish my bike/cars. I can't sit in the garden reading, I can't cook outdoors, I can't watch the sunset with a glass (or bottle) of wine. I'm so happy in Summer, I wear nothing but shorts and vest tops. I love the colour that my skin turns. I love the late nights, the songs of birds, the smell of BBQs and the taste of cold beers. I can enjoy the planet on which we live when there is sunshine. 

What is your favourite season and why?


  1. hmmm.. I was raised in Africa..but have been a FLORIDA gal since I was 13..and I LOVE the sun! YES, the heat is oppressive! BUT I am all about flip flops year round! however, favorite season is spring. New babies everywhere...warm enough to be outside but not so hot you can't breathe...I love spring!

  2. I love fall. Nice colors, warm days, crisp nights, fireplace going, Christmas coming, summer heat ending. I see a bunch of single links here and am glad I found your place. Here from Debbie's.

    I hope you are right about forty! I have been afraid it may have been thirty :).

  3. Debbie,
    You don't know how lucky you are to have "flip flop" weather all year round!

    Amy - Welcome, I'm not sure that life does begin at forty! We'll see. I've read through your blog. Sorry about your misfortune. if it's any consolation it happens to the best of us!
    Best Wishes

  4. SUMMER! ALthough her in Queensland it does get a bit too hot some days, winter is very mild and thats why we moved here... if you love Summer come to the northern bit of Australia!!! Winter is the best time to ride, dry and warm... summer is fabulous to ride but can be a bit too hot some days but then thats why we ride in singlets LOL

  5. Our temperatures here is humid. But I've always loved the winters, but then again, I hate it when it gets too cold. And I hate the heat, too much of it gives me a headache. But I love Hawaii, it seems to be cool all through the year, I think!!! Now with global warming, the planet has gone haywire.