Sunday, 10 January 2010


Ok, I must confess, before we go any further,I am mind numbingly drunk as I write this so 1) forgive any typos and 2) forgive anything I say.

It hit me tonight whilst I was out and growing older by the hour. The minute we put down roots then that's it, game over. We are then tied to an area for life like it or not. Ive had several thoughts this evening, none of which I'm willing to share on this blog in public but that reinforce the fact that I am tied and bound to my life. 

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't turn the clock back on lots of things but to those of you reading this blog who are young enough or luck enough to have not yet put your roots down then please take my advice and proceed with caution. 

DO NOT settle down until you are 100% sure that it is the right thing to do.:

OK, rant over, i'm pissed, need to sleep, it's terribly important! :)


  1. haha good morning, had a good sleep? I totally agree, anyone taking the plunge be sure and be committed. Do not take things and life for granted Don't hurt the one you love. So here I am ranting too. lol

  2. wow! I had similiar thoughts..NOT drunk, mind you! hee hee!!;) BUT, I was watching a movie on Greece last night thinking how fun it would be to go there, move there...become something free and exciting! Then I started thinking about what that would mean! EVEN if my kids had left home?? I will never be that free! unless I choose NOT to be in their lives or their childrens lives! My future is set and it probably involves a state in America I don't love that much...and you know, theres sadness that I will probably NEVER really join the peace corp..but joy in the reason I can't! I do get your post...

  3. First of all...I hope you managed to "tie one on" without having a hangover!

    I think most of us over 40 can relate to your reflective point of view.

    I'm feeling quite the opposite though. My kids are just a few months away from leaving me with an empty nest. I'm looking forward to being able to take back some of my personal time now.

    Sure my children and grand-kids will forever take priority, but, I'm going to try to "find myself" again...I want to be impulsive again, and while my kids set out on their new adventures, so will I.

    Look through a different glass Steve, like maybe a cup of tea :-) things might look a little less restrictive.
    MH Lady

  4. Gaia - Go ahead, theres nothing like a good rant :)

    Debbie - I don't think its about being free as such, just that you do have restrictions. I'm not normally drunk by the way. It is a rarity for me!

    MHL - Sharon, What is "tie one on"?
    Yeah I'm back on the tea now, things still seem restrictive but I'm less likely to post a rant about it! :)

  5. getting "pissed" = "tie on on" same thing...

  6. thats supposed to say "tie one on" sheesh!

  7. lol okok he was drunk he knew no better lol
    Ok I admit Steve rofl your a hoot. Glad to find your blog lol