Monday, 18 January 2010

Pillows, soft hard, fat, slim. What do you prefer?

I recently stayed over at some friends house in the spare room. I had an horrendous nights sleep due to the pillows being hard and thin. If I didn't know any better I'd say that they were like paving stones in a cotton slip (obviously they weren't) I have duck down pillows at home, 3 including the dress pillow. They are plump but oh so soft and deep. I love them, I truly do. There is nothing finer than to put your head on those pillows at night and leave the mad world behind for a few hours. I have a really thick and fluffy duvet to match too. 

I'm getting more and more intolerant of crap pillows. I find very few hotels have decent pillows either which makes for a most disturbing nights sleep. In addition they also have sheets and blankets instead of a quilt. How on earth can you sleep under sheets? Especially if they are all tucked in, Arrrrrgh!

 I can't believe how fussy I have become given that a few years ago I would sleep in the car whilst following the British Rally Championship around the forest stages of England. I would have a sleeping bag and a rubbish pillow. I t must be my age, I've hit 40 now and I'm a big comfort lover.

What pillows /quilt/sheet combo do you prefer?


  1. you are fussy!!! :) actually I want soft and thin!! not to thick, I get headaches! BUT soft enough that I do not touch the bed underneath! and I take my pillow with me to hotels!LOL!...

  2. my roommate makes fun of me because in her furnished room there are 6 and a half pillows. She only wants one super flat pillow that she has carried with her for forever. I keep buying new pillows. I do like the down ones-- the ones with lots of feathers-- because they seem to mould more to my head. It is true that hotels only have nice pillows if they are expensive. I would rather go camping, in that case. At least then I'm prepared to sleep like crap.

  3. Unless I have some form of feather/down pillow(s), I can't sleep properly!

  4. Debbie - You take your pillows to hotels with you and you call ME fussy! :)

    Singlutionary- I'm with you, you need lots of pillows so you can be high or low as the mood takes you. I sleep with two, If I'm on my side I use them both, On my front or back and I sort of push one aside and just use the one.

    Pale Observer - Welcome Holli! I'm so glad it isn't just me then.

  5. I like a puffy pillow and I wish I could find one that stayed cool and had a indented area where I could put my ear. I love linen sheets and if it's cold, a fine comforter or blanket over top--but I must have a sheet touching my body because it seems cleaner.

  6. I used to love the fluffy down pillows, but now I really love the memory foam pillow, it's a "contour" style and it is just perfect for me.

    As far as sheets go, it must be a very high thread count for the bottom sheet and absolutely no top sheet (although I do the guest bed up with the "works" (top and bottom).

    I hate those top sheets tucked in it's like being strapped down in bed!

    Just give me a down comforter and I'm happy :-)

  7. 2 fluffy pillows, just nice for me! :)