Thursday, 3 December 2009

Should Men wear Ugg boots?

Little over a month ago I was trying to buy some Ugg boots for a relative as a birthday gift. Knowing very little about them I asked for some advice from a friend and was told not to buy from anywhere except from an authorised Ugg distributor. I found the Ugg Australia website and from there found a list of UK distributors. The problem is I believe, Ugg per ser is a type of boot and also a Registered Trade mark. Genuine Ugg boots are the most counterfeited item at the moment and the number of websites claiming to be original is mind blowing so logging onto Ugg Australia is the way to go. 

The Uggs I had to buy as a gift were the latest Knitted Argyle style for ladies. Whilst on the site I had a look at the guys section and thought, Why not? So I duly added a pair of traditional sheepskin Uggs size UK9 to the cart.

I have to say I love them! They are superb to wear with either jeans or combats tucked in them. My Eldest daughter tried to tell me that Uggs are for girls whilst my youngest daughter corrected her and in fact produced evidence on the internet of various male celebs wearing the same boot. So now I am an exceptionally trendy dad and can be seen regularly sporting my Uggs with a US Military issue Parka coat and a knitted Beanie! No more cold tootsies for me this Winter!

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  1. Ok...I have to applaud you! You did your homework on Uggs, and you were right, only buy from Ugg Australia!

    I have been wearing Uggs for years and years, long before they became the celeb thing. They are so warm and comfy. I buy them for my girls too.

    I think it is fine for men to wear them! It started out as something the Aussie surfers wear, then spread to California surfers. They are actually meant to be worn without socks, but I always wear socks with mine.

    I like your style more and more ;-)
    Sharon aka MHL