Sunday, 20 December 2009

My early Christmas present.

My Friend runs a Land Rover Discovery thingy. Yesterday I gave him a lift to the Land Rover dealers in Cheshire to collect a new battery for his car. Whilst there I had a browse around the showroom. I particularly love Range Rovers. I had one in 2003 for a year or so. They are simply stunning vehicles, Equipped with the luxury of a Bentley yet with the practicality of a true 4WD. 

This morning saw a few inches of snow. This then froze and as my driveway is uphill this imprisoned me in the house as I simply couldn't get traction to get up the driveway. Time for an early present to myself and time for a return favour. I called my friend who came to pick me up, this time he gave me a lift to the Land Rover dealers where I promptly did a deal and left a deposit on a rather splendid Range Rover Vogue. They didn't offer me the right money for my BMW so that is for sale privately (at an excellent price if anyone is interested ;) )

So hopefully as of tomorrow I will be able to conquer the snow again!


  1. Merry christmas! Good for you! My christmas gift to myself this year?? an ironing board and iron!! :) seriously...! Sad but true!:)

  2. oh I love 4WD. It is easier to climb into. Guess getting old the conventional cars are low and I have a harder time to get my butt out. lol
    Hmm wonder what I should get myself for Christmas.
    'Peace of mind'!!!
    Merry Christmas all.

  3. Debbie - Ironing boards and irons are just as essential as a 4WD and they do far more miles to the gallon I suspect!

    Gaia - Oh you'd love this thing then, it has a button that lowers the whole vehicle down for embarking and disembarking!

    Peace of mind, try asking yourself what would happen to the world and all of your problems if you suddenly weren't here. The answer should help you to stop worrying and fretting quite as much and find peace of mind. Whenever I was fretting or anxious about a problem I used to tell myself "In a hundred years time it wont matter" and it's true!

    Merry Christmas to all