Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I've had a shit of a day

It started at 8am. I took delivery of the Range Rover yesterday and proceeded to sit in the thing for a few hours last night figuring out all the gadgets, pairing the bluetooth to my phone etc and I discovered that there is a facility to set a timer to turn on the heaters, heated seats and steering wheel and defrost the screens etc. I thought it would be nice (given there is snow on the ground) to have a warm car this morning and so I set the timer for 7:00 am.

So back to 8:00 am this morning, Sure the car was warm and free from ice but would it start? No, I had drained the battery after a few hours messing about with the gadgets and then setting the heater timer. Time to call my buddy again and ask him to pop over with his jump leads!  Whilst I was waiting my neighbour came out to his car, commented on the Range Rover (that by now had the hood up) and we had a little chuckle (well he did).

To top it all I am in court tomorrow. I sold a house over 2 years ago. I had a dispute over the agents fee. He claimed it was £7400 and I had it worked out at £3500. Regardless, I wrote to him to discuss and he immediately started court proceedings. I requested mediation no less than 5 times and he ignored my requests. I eventually settled pre trial and paid them £7500. Tomorrow however I am in court regarding a further £7800 that they are claiming in costs. If I lose this can then apparently double because of a success fee (what a crock this is) which means that potentially I can be looking at another bill tomorrow of over £15000. that would mean that the agents fee in total for selling my house was over £22500!

The solicitors phoned me today to offer me a settlement of £7800, I told them no. I have been sat in my dining room since 5pm (it is now almost midnight) preparing a file for court tomorrow. There is a chance that the cost judge will wipe their cost claim altogether as they have refused mediation several times and this apparently contravenes the Civil Procedure Rules part 44.3(5) We'll have to see. The behaviour of the other party (who happens to be a nationwide chain) has been scandalous. I may post about it one day if I am legally able. 

So all in all a shit day. I'm now going to make a cup of tea as I've been drinking Magners whilst preparing the file. and then I'm going to go to bed and sulk. Wish me luck for tomorrow!


  1. Hi Steve...sorry to hear of the shitty day you had, it must be something in the air, my day sucked too! But, I must say, at least I'm not facing a day in court and my Audi started up fine (however the Cougar xr7 is dead for the winter, she growls but won't start, it's just to cold!).

    I hope all goes well for you in court and the bloody bastards don't get another Quid off you!

    And you don't own a set of jumper cables along with all those toys?


  2. Hi MHL (I don't know your real name?)

    An Audi will start every day, German technology, maybe Hitler was on to something?

    I'd sure love to hear that Cougar growling. I do have jump leads but the Range Rover was blocking every other car on the drive and so I had nothing to jump it off, besides which my mate has super dooper heavy duty leads.

    Well court could have been better and could have been worse. The cost judge awarded them £7700 in costs in addition to the money I've already paid. If I don't think about it leaving my bank then it doesn't hurt. Still, Christmas is nigh upon us, it is snowing really heavily and I'm not going to let it spoil the holiday. I believe in Karma so I'm sure I'll get it back one way or another.

  3. ugh-what a mess!! AT least its over tho!! :(

  4. Debbie - true, its over now, It'll stick in my throat for a bit but it could have been worse. Nobody died, nobody was hurt, at the end of the day it is only money and so I have to put it in perspective.